The Guard 2020 Telegu Movie (2022) Cast, Trailer, Story, Release Date, Poster

The Guard 2020 Hindi Movie (2022) Cast, Trailer, Story, Release Date, Poster

The Guard 2020 is an upcoming Indian Telugu action crime film. The movie release date is 30 December 2022. Directed by Jaga Peddi. The film starring Kamal Krishna, Shilpa Balakrishnan, Murli Parishe in Telugu movie in prominent roles. The film is being made under the banner Update Soon.

The Guard 2020 Movie Story Line

The plot revolves around the trained youngster. He has a mission to safeguard an individual. Will he be able to complete the mission amongst the adversities?

The Guard 2020 Movie Cast

  • Kamal Krishna as Krish
  • Shilpa Balakrishnan as Anita
  • Murli Parishe as Prakash
  • Sandeep Reddy Cheelam as Sushant
  • Mimi Leonard as Sam

The Guard 2020 Movie Complete Information

NameThe Guard 2020
DirectorJaga Peddi
GenresAction, Crime, Thriller
Release Date30 December 2022
CastKamal Krishna, Shilpa Balakrishnan, Murli Parishe
MusicUpdate Soon
ProducerAnusha Reddy
StoryJaga Peddi
CinematographyMark Kenfield
Production CompaniUpdate Soon
DistributeUpdate Soon

The Guard 2020 2022 Movie Official Trailer

The Guard 2020 Kamal Krishna & Shilpa Balakrishnan Movie Official Trailer Update soon.


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