King English Movie (2022) Cast, Trailer, Story, Release Date, Poster

King English Movie (2022) Cast, Trailer, Story, Release Date, Poster

King is an upcoming English Adventure Comedy film. The movie release date is 2022. Directed by David Moreau. The film starring Stars Gérard Darmon, Lou Lambrecht, Léo Lorléac’h in English movie in prominent roles. The film is being made under the banner of Full House, Maneki Films, Borsalino Productions.

King Movie Story Line

King, a trafficked lion cub, escapes from the airport in mid-transit and finds shelter in the home of Inès and Alex, 12 and 15-years-old respectively. The siblings come up with a crazy scheme: to bring King back to Africa. Unfortunately, the customs agents on their tail don’t make their mission easier. But soon, Max, the kooky grandfather they’ve only met twice before, joins their adventure – and from then on, the sky’s the limit.

King Movie Cast

  • Gérard Darmon as Max
  • Lou Lambrecht as Inès
  • Léo Lorléac’h as Alexandre
  • Thibault de Montalembert as Paul Sauvage
  • Clémentine Baert as Louise
  • Artus as Thomas
  • Marius Blivet as Hugo Sauvage
  • Laurent Bateau as Martin
  • Vanessa David as Chaussin
  • Marie-Sohna Condé as Mary Janssen
  • Rodolphe Sand as Icabe
  • Véronique Boulanger as Elisabeth
  • Maxime Jullia as Caissier supermarché
  • Arnaud Poivre d’Arvor as Journaliste clinique véto
  • Alexandre Brik as Infirmier du parc
  • Alexandra Vorillon as Clarisse
  • Laurence Facelina as Alice
  • Séverine Warneys as Infirmière 2
  • Alain Blazquez as Patient 1
  • Evelyne Cervera as Patiente 2
  • Bernard Villanueva as Patient joueur 1
  • Alain Bert as Patient joueur 2
  • Laurent Baudens as Grandius
  • Nicolas Ullmann as Caissier du parc
  • Gérard Welzer as Bertrand camping
  • Charlotte Pouch as Journaliste Vulcania Aventure
  • Daniel Semporé as Véto douanier
  • Gaëlle Charnay as Journaliste
  • Etienne Burlat as Ben
  • Noélyne Simeons as Sarah
  • Simon Delorme as Jonas
  • Laureline Le Bris-Cep as Journaliste clinique véto 2
  • Amir Hedayati as Employé clinique vétérinaire
  • Tom Gaubig as Douanier Colorado
  • Stéphane Roger as Le marin
  • Esther Moreau as L’influenceuse
  • Laëtitia Feuillet-Fradin as Infirmière fin
  • William Rageau as Régisseur du parc
  • El Ami Abdallah Gassama as Copain Lucas 1
  • Adem Zioini as Copain Lucas 2
  • Elias Joyeux as Copain Lucas 3
  • Guillaume Clérice as Journaliste plateau TV
  • Corto Paroux as Lucas
  • Jean-Luc Moreau as Le professeur

King Movie Complete Information

DirectorDavid Moreau
GenresAdventure, Comedy, Family
Release Date2022
CastStars Gérard Darmon, Lou Lambrecht, Léo Lorléac’h
MusicGuillaume Roussel
ProducerLaurent Baudens, Gaël Nouaille
StoryJean-Baptiste Andrea, Gael Malry
CinematographyAntoine Sanier
Production CompaniFull House, Maneki Films, Borsalino Productions
DistributeUpdate Soon

King 2022 Movie Official Trailer

King Stars Gérard Darmon as Lou Lambrecht Movie Official Trailer Watch Online.


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